What is Phone My Food Truck

It's all about your success and adding value by creating new
opportunities for revenue in your mobile kitchen.

Our philosophy is simple; create a fun experience for the foodies while maximizing your
food trucks true potential. Phone my food truck provides effective and innovative products
for the food truck industry. Giving your mobile kitchen an edge over the competition.

You will be able to provide your food services in new and interesting ways that will
keep your hungry foodies coming back for more. Better yet, they will be more likely
to recommend your foor truck to their freinds and family just because of the convienience
that sets you apart from the others. Take a Closer look at Our Food Truck Services.

Every food truck is looking for an angle to outsmart the competition. We firmly believe, with over 2.6 Billion Smartphone users out there and everyone of them has to Eat, you have a great way to advertise and promote your mobile kitchen to millions of hungry people. If you think the numbers are staggering, they keep growing every month. Do you want to be part of it?

Our food technology is scalable & completely seamless, does not require any special hardware, so it can fit your food truck perfectly, with little investment. In fact each application is custom designed to fit the foodies specific smartphone OS preference. Phone my food truck creates applications for the Apple IOS and Google Android.

We design state of the art technology for Restaurants

We will integrate your food truck into a sophisticated marketing and ordering tool with
services such as:
Direct Ordering, Promotion Notifier, Marketing I,Q., Food Reward Club,
Delivery Tracker and a Digital Food Menu for your food truck and many other great new
features are coming your way that promote your mobile kitchen and maximize profits.